Welcome to Odin's stakepool!

Our goal

Odin's stake pool aims to provide the very best staking experience. With reliable service and high rewards. If you are interested in staking with team Odin don't hesitate to deligate to us. We are looking forward to managing your delegation.

Pool Status

The pool is operational, and so far we have produced more blocks than expected from a pool of our size. You can follow our progress over at ADApools.org, there you can see lots of statistics for the pool. In addition to the public statisitcs, we have choosen to also publish live statistics showing the internal workings of our cardano nodes. This data allows you to follow our progress and see for yourself that our nodes are operational. All our nodes have been upgraded and are ready for the Mary hardfork later this month.

Message from the operator

I'm an experienced system administrator and software developer, with years of experience from managing servers and developing cutting edge code for a wide variety of research projects and academic institutions. I have extensive experience working with and adminitrating Linux systems and servers. Over the years I have worked on many IT-projects both profesionally and for fun on my spare time.

Over the last few years I have spent conciderable time working on crypto related projects, and I have experience from running and maintaining many different blockchain wallets and participating in the network concensus using both traditional mining as well as staking and masternodes.

I appologise for the web page, my frontend skills might need some work... However I know what is required to maintain a safe and reliable server infrastructure, and I'm hoping to use my skills to provide a very good staking experience for everyone using our pool.


Message from the owner

As the leader of Asgard, I have been keeping an watchfull eye on what is going on with the humans in Midgard recently. We are most impressed by your recent exploration of what you mortals call "Crypto currency". While we normally adhere to a very strict non-interference policy regarding human activities, concidering recent developments the Asgards have decided to play a more active role in your efforts. Also we feel a bit embarassed after what Loki did to Satoshi... a very sad story indeed. So, as a first step we have decided to support your Cardano network by running a stake pool.



The pool is hosted in a professional German data center. The data center have multiple independent high-speed internet connections, and to further ensure high availiability it is equipped with both batteries and a backup diesel generator.

Our block producing node is protected by several relay nodes. We have three public relays that are registered on chain, and we have some additional private relays standing by as backup for extra redundancy. Both the core node and relays are running on separate VPS servers each with 4 CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, and equiped with SSD storage. In addition, in the unlikley case that the data center would be unavailible, we have a bare metal server availible, ready to take over as a backup solution. Overall this is a very solid setup, and significantly more reliable than running on an old computer in someones closet, which some other pools do.

This setup is more than enough to provide a good and reliable service at this moment. And we are of course prepared to improve our setup as needed to keep up with the latest development of the Cardano blockchain.


Odin's pool at ADApools.org
Odin's pool at PoolTool.io